Stop Auto Play Video in Facebook

How to stop video autoplay in Facebook

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Facebook have a function where facebook video runs automatically without clicking on play button. But if you are using mobile data package while using facebook, this video auto play system is totally absurd. And even if you are using wifi, it will slow your internet. Here is the solution to stop auto video play in facebook wall.

For Computer/Laptop Users

  1. Go to Setting (Click on arrow at right top of your facebook page which is pointing to the down)
  2. Now you are in Setting page, now click on “Videos” which is at the bottom of left column.
  3. Now you are in Video Setting Page, in the second option you can see “Auto-Play Videos” options and it is displays as “Default” value. Change it to “Off”. You are done.

For Mobile Users

  1. Go to “Setting” and click on “App Setting”
  2. Click on “Videos Play Automatically” Option
  3. Here will be three options, On, Wifi Only & Off
  4. If you want to play auto video while using wifi only, choose wifi only option
  5. If you want to off the auto play video both in wifi and data, choose “Off” option

You are done.

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