My pen drive not showing files, Pendrive shows empty

Pen drive not showing files even it’s not empty

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Well, pen drive is an external hard drive to easily transfer and store files. Because of the hidden malware, sometime we can’t see the files in it even our pen drive is not empty and not in hidden mode. It’s an easy process to resolve with this problem. Just follow us the following process.

  • First be sure your pen drive is not in hidden mode (Remove hidden mode)
  • Now click on windows flag icon at left bottom of your screen or you can press window flag with “r” key from keyword
  • In the search box, type “cmd” and press enter, now command prompt will open
  • Now connect your pen drive in your computer and click on “computer” icon at desktop, here you can see all the external and internal devices with your pen drive too. Please note in which drive your pen drive is seen. (Here we suppose your pen drive is in Z drive)
  • Now type or copy and paste this code in command prompt
    attrib -h -r -s /s /d Z:\*.*

 (if your pen drive is in different drive change as that in the place of “Z”)

You are done !!!

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